Acupuncture without Needles


Ingrid has been using this device in her clinic for over 20 years.  From Austrailia, this little device is so effective and easy to use that Ingrid offers the Acuhealth Professional 900 to her clients who have chronic pain and want to get pain releif asap. 

Easy to use, it actually finds the points for you! Acupuncture points and trigger points on the body have a lower frequencey which this little device detects.  


It is a convenient, safe, hand-held electronic unit that does not pierce the skin and has no multiple wires. Excellent for painless relief of chronic and acute pain; effective for relieving chronic back and neck pain, migraine, and sports injuries etc.

An easy-to-use treatment guidebook listing over 200 ailments. 


  • Frequency: 2.5 Hz (Endorphin release)
  • Waveform: Square wave, 50% duty cycle (200 msec. pulse width)
  • Output: Direct current voltage, 3.5 volts
  • Intensity: 500 microamps ino 500 ohms
  • Polarity selection: Negative (sedation) or & Positive (tonification)
  • Dimensions: 19 x 6 x 2.5cm
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Power Source: 9 volt battery


Acuhealth Professional 900