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Ingrid Wrote a book!

Shall We Dance?

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Shall We Dance is about the magical bond between a boy and his grandmother that spans a lifetime and beyond. The unconditional love and joy each time they visit will bring both laughter and tears to your eyes as they dance and sing and play together. 


The whimsical illustrations that bring the story to life will delight children and touch the hearts of adults. 


The story follows Grandma Ging Ging and her Grandson Rio's visits through the years beginning when Rio is a baby and ends when he a grown man. Each time they meet they do fun activities such as play hide and seek, ride bikes, make pizza, and go for walks. At the end of each visit, Ging Ging asks Rio if he would like to dance. When Ging Ging gets too old to dance, Rio refuses to accept it. 


The story, inspired by the author's own mother who loved to play and sing and dance in the kitchen with her children and grandchildren, is one that will be read over and over again. It is one one of those books that parents buy for grandparents and grandparents buy for parents and children, and children buy for their grandparents.

"If you enjoy Robert Munsch's book Love you Forever, you'll love this!"

What Ingrid Specializes In

Reduce Chronic Pain

Reduce Inflammation

Supplements & Gadgets

Meditation Instruction



If you are living in pain, you have come to the right place! 

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     Clinic Address:

        110 Elgin St,  Balcarres, Sask.


      * 306-216-7141 (text or call)

      * ingridcares@gmail.com

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*You can get counselling on line or in person to help you deal with life's challenges.


      * Must have "FaceTime" or "What's Ap" for video call


- Most requested: Combo - Includes combination of Litecure Class 4 laser, Acupressure/Shiatsu, Acupuncture (with or without needles)

- Acupuncture

- Japanese Shiatsu / Acupressure

- Meditation - One on One Instruction (2 sessions)

- Meditation Classes (3) (Min 4 people) (3 sessions)


$120 per hour whatever services you get (Except Meditation)

First Time Visit - $70 Consultation Fee 

Meditation - Personal Instruction - $100 (2 sessions)

Meditation Class - (4 people - 20 people) $100 (3 sessions)

Ingrid belongs to the Chinese Medical Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC) and is covered by most Extended Health Care Plans.  Please check with your plan. 

Please note - No Workers Compensation accepted. 



"I had frozen shoulder and had so much pain. I had 4 treatments in a row and was able to move more freely without grimacing in pain.  My reach and the height that I could place my arm following treatment was even impressive to me as I am a bit of a "Doubting Thomas". Ingrid gave me a combined therapy of 1.5 hrs each time of personal hands on treatment using laser, needleless acupuncture, acupressure, Shiatsu over the entire body not just the affected area. She explains as she goes along why.  My shoulder is much improved!"

Al , 60 yrs, firefighter

“I play lots of volleyball, basketball, baseball.  I have had lots of injuries.  If I come right away to Ingrid, she can get me back to my sports pretty fast. She straightened out my back and hips and shows me stretches too.” 

Aron, 16 (Athlete, Sask)

“Ingrid has helped me in so many ways.  From digestive problems, stress, back, hip and shoulder pain.  Her combination of acupuncture, shiatsu, laser, and meditation classes has changed my life and I am forever grateful. My whole family has come to her for everything from sports injuries to arthritis." 

Sharron, 40 yrs, Office Manager

Cheryl, 69 (retired Farmer, Sask)

"I had very bad arthritis in both my thumbs and a trigger finger.  I could no longer sew or play the guitar and I was a seamstress by trade all my life.  I would often cry from the constant pain.  Within one treatment of laser and kneedleless acupuncture it felt better.  After 5 sessions, I was 100%.  I am back to playing the guiatar and sewing.   Unbelievable!  I sent my mother and my daughter to her because they had the same arthritis in their thumbs.  We are all fine now.  Thanks you!"

Sarah, 56 yrs, Seamstress, Musician

"I had 2 herniated disks in my neck and the specialist said I needed surgery.  My fingers were numb and the pain was unbearable. a friend suggested I see ingrid while I waited for the sugery.  She not only got rid of the pain and numbness, she fixed my bad knee and my lower back and my foot.  I am like a new person!  She is a gem.  I can't believe that more people are not trained like her. I postponed my sugery just in case it came back but after 1 year i just cancelled it all together." 

 Arnold 68 yrs, Retired Banker/Golfer

“I saw Ingrid for pain in my ankle.  It had been broken and then arthritis had set in.  I had sharp pain so rarely did much walking.  The specialist said there was nothing he could do except fuse the bones. Ingrid worked on my ankle using laser therapy, and acupuncture. The range of motion is much better and pain is mild and only comes on occasion. Ingrid also got my knee, shoulder and neck pain free. My shoulder was so painful and had limited range of motion, it is 100%. My knee is 80% better.  I could not turn my neck to look over my shoulder, I now have 100% mobility. Ingrid is amazing, well educated and passionate about her work. I feel seeing her for treatments is the best alternative to surgery.”

I heard about Ingrid from a friend in Sask.  I traveled from Manitoba to see her as I was so desperate.  No one could help me for years. I had extreme edema (water retention) in my feet, ankles, legs and also bad knees.  The pain was so terrible, I had a hard time walking or even wearing shoes. I came with a walker to her clinic.  With Laser and Shiatsu, I noticed a difference after 1 treatment!  After 6 sessions I felt like a new woman. After 12 sessions I can walk without pain at all the swelling is completely gone.  I walk to the store and get my groceries. I haven't done that in 10 years. I have my life back. Ingrid has really helped me.I ams o grateful. ” 

" I had breast cancer and after my mastectomy for over 7 years, I had so much pain, discomfort and limitation of movement from the scar tissue.  In one treatment I noticed a tremendous difference.  Ingrid changed my life.  After 4 sessions, my range of movement has completely come back, the pain and discomfort have subsided.  It is amazing! Thank you so much."  

Herold, 63

(Retired Farmer and Golfer)

MaryAnn, 63, Homemaker, MB

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