"I had frozen shoulder and had so much pain. I had 4 treatments in a row and was able to move more freely without grimacing in pain.  My reach and the height that I could place my arm following treatment was even impressive to me as I am a bit of a "Doubting Thomas". Ingrid gave me a combined therapy of 1.5 hrs each time of personal hands on treatment using laser, needleless acupuncture, acupressure, Shiatsu over the entire body not just the affected area. She explains as she goes along why.  My shoulder is much improved and I wish I lived near her to receive more treatments." Al, 60 (firefighter, BC)

                                                               Day 1                    Day 2                     Day 3                     Day 4

"I had very bad arthritis in both my thumbs and a trigger finger.  I could no longer sew or play the guitar and I was a seamstress by trade all my life.  I would often cry from the constant pain.  Within one treatment of laser and kneedleless acupuncture it felt better.  After 5 sessions, I was 100%.  I am back to playing the guiatar and sewing.   Unbelievable!  I sent my mother and my daughter to her because they had the same arthritis in their thumbs.  We are all fine now.  Thanks you so much!!! Sarah, 56 (Seamstress, BC)

Ingrid you were great, the type of treatment was exactly what i have been seeking for myself as a past competitive athlete and a sudden injury to my daughter was taken into the exact care i was looking for.
Thank you, Dayna,(BC)

I have had back pain for years. Since attending laser and acupressure sessions with Ingrid, I am actually experiencing less pain and a lot more movement. You are a miracle worker-thank you! Julie, 75 (Nurse, BC)

" I had lived with chronic pain for years and watched it rob me of many of the simple pleasures in my life, like being able to read a book.  I had spent thousands of dollars on natural alternatives with no relief as well as seen three medical specialist, all of who weren't able to aid me in improving my symptoms.  My mother in law had received a flyer for Ingrid and she had given it to me to call.  I had no intention of calling.  I was tired of hoping only to see it all be for naught.  Then one day I was in so much pain I couldn't take it and I went by the flyer and without even thinking I called.  I didn't even get through the phone call without sobbing on the phone with Ingrid.  
I saw Ingrid faithfully for months and followed her directions for my care at home and my symptoms started to subside.  The best day was when my kids said, "Mom you seem like yourself!"  I can easily go a month now without pain and my life has greatly improved.  I'm very grateful for Ingrid and her care and for her help in giving me back my life.  I now know what some of the triggers are and I'm able to make choices about what's in the best interest for my health." Sincerely, Janet, 45 (Social Worker, BC)

"After my husband died I just could not sleep. I was coming to Ingrid for back pain and she suggested I come to her beginners Meditation Class.  I loved it.  I learned so much and was meditating in no time.  I sleep like a baby and my back pain is gone.  Ingrid has been a Godsend to me.", Becky, 72 (Retired, BC)

“I think laser is great, it cured the arthritis in my left hand.” Elwyn, 57 (electrician, Sask)

“I had extreme edema (water retention) in my feet, ankles, legs and also bad knees.  The pain was so terrible, I had a hard time walking.  With Laser and Shiatsu, I noticed a difference after 1 treatment!  Now after 6 sessions I feel like a new woman. I can walk without pain, the swelling is completely gone.  I have my life back. Ingrid has really helped me.” MaryAnn, 63 (homemaker, (MB)

“I saw Ingrid for pain in my ankle.  It had been broken and then arthritis had set in.  I had sharp pain so rarely did much walking.  The specialist said there was nothing he could do except fuse the bones. Ingrid worked on my ankle using laser therapy, and acupuncture. The range of motion is much better and pain is mild and only comes on occasion. Ingrid also got my knee, shoulder and neck pain free. My shoulder was so painful and had limited range of motion, it is 100%. My knee is 80% better.  I could not turn my neck to look over my shoulder, I now have 100% mobility. Ingrid is amazing, well educated and passionate about her work. I feel seeing her for treatments is the best alternative to surgery.” Harold, 63 (retired farmer, Sask)

" I had breast cancer and after my mastectomy for over 7 years, I had so much pain, discomfort and limitation of movement from the scar tissue.  In one treatment I noticed a tremendous difference.  Ingrid changed my life.  After 4 sessions, my range of movement has completely come back, the pain and discomfort have subsided.  It is amazing! Thank you so much."  Cheryl, 69 (retired farmer, White City, Sask)

“Ingrid has helped me in so many ways.  From digestive problems, stress, back, hip and shoulder pain.  Her combination of acupuncture, shiatsu, laser, and meditation classes has changed my life and I am forever grateful. My whole family has come to her for everything from sports injuries to arthritis.  She will be greatly missed in Sask.” Sharron, 40 (office manager, Sask).

“I play lots of volleyball, basketball, baseball.  I have had lots of injuries.  If I come right away to Ingrid, she can get me back to my sports pretty fast. She straightened out my back and hips and shows me stretches too.” Arran,16, (athlete, Sask)

"I had 2 herniated disks in my neck and the specialist said I needed surgery.  My fingers were numb and the pain was unbearable. a friend suggested I see ingrid while I waited for the sugery.  She not only got rid of the pain and numbness, she fixed my bad knee and my lower back and my foot.  I am like a new person!  She is a gem.  I can't believe that more people are not trained like her. I postponed my sugery just in case it came back but after 1 year i just cancelled it all together." Arnold,68 (retired banker/golfer, BC)

“I had extreme pain in my wrists. Since seeing Ingrid the pain in my wrist is gone and also the pain on my neck that felt like a brick. She is also very knowledgable about foods that cause inflammation. Very Thankful!” Linda, 67 (chef, PEI)

 “Ingrid is so present and mindful in her meditation class. A true blessing. Her knowledge is balanced with her kindness. Highly recommend her meditation class.” Faith, 50 (teacher, PEI)

“I feel great! I now have 32 lbs off thanks to you. Your treatments on my back, neck and knees have been a saving grace, I can work without pain. I thank you for your encouragement with the diet.” Karen, 49 (business owner, PEI)