For some people living with chronic pain is part of life.  In addition to getting help at the clinic sometimes it is necessary to use devices, herbs, essential oils, diet changes and or ointments to help with pain.   Besides herbs and ointments: Following are two devices that Ingrid recommends and sells in her clinic


This is by far the best product (and Ingrid has tried many) to ease pain.  It is easy to use and the results are amazing.

- Energy point indicator
- Sensitivity control
- Intensity control

The Acuhealth Professional 900 is an acupuncture energy point stimulator designed and developed specifically for the personal home treatment or clinic that produces an effective and versatile approach to relieve chronic and acute pain and conditions.  It comes complete with a fully illustrated book on the basic principles of energy point acupuncture.  It is simple to use and immediate results are seen. 

Price - $320.00 plus tax and shipping


(Every home should have one of these!)

Thermotex™ is a convenient, portable therapy system that you can use at home, in the office, while driving or on vacation to provide effective temporary pain relief wherever and whenever you need it.

Thermotex™ produces
infrared heating to provide deep penetrating warmth for temporary relief of acute and chronic pain. 

Through the absorption of infrared thermal energy, tissues are safely and gently heated increasing blood flow within the treated area. Your body’s natural response to this increased temperature is to try to maintain a condition of homeostasis—a balanced environment or state of equilibrium throughout the body. To do this, your body responds with a rapid increase in blood flow to the area. Thermotex™ is the natural approach to effective pain relief.

Price - $249.00 plus tax and shipping