ZRII was probably one of the biggest surprises I ever had.  As someone trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was used to seeing my herbal formulas doing a fantastic job.  When I heard about ZRII through a friend of the family I was intrigued because it was endorsed by the world famous Chopra Center.  I had read many of Deepak Chopra's books and had contemplated taking courses at the Chopra Center and since they had NEVER endorsed a third party product before  - I thought I should at least take a look.  I put myself on ZRII, my family and some of my patients who were having difficult digestive issues that were not responding to my treatments as well as I would have liked.  With a trial period of 3 months - in the end - we were convinced - everyone of us still take it faithfully everyday. 

In the clinic ZRII is often my first choice to recommend when it comes to people with digestive issues.  Digestion, in my opinion, is key to health.  We have had people with terrible irritable bowel feel 100% better within one week. allergies clear up, bowel movements normalize, etc.... 

ZRII is based on an Ayurvedic formula that has been used for thousands of years and with the help of modern science the formulators came up with a way to utilize the ancient wisdom of this ayurveda formula and make a nutritional drink that people of all ages can use and benefit from - and it tastes good!  We have people from the age of 2 to the age of 90 on it.  Since I discovered ZRII it opened up a whole new new world - I have taken several courses at the Chopra Center and am now certified through the Chopra University as a Perfect Health Lifestyle Instructor! 

Zrii offers you many potential health benefits. Why? It's no surprise once you look at the incredible nutritional profile of amalaki, the keystone ingredient in Zrii. This small fruit contains a huge number of nutrients that can contribute to improved health and wellness. Here is a sample:

  • Phytonutrients, amino acids, trace minerals, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, tannins, bioflavonoids—substances well-documented for their ability to promote cellular rejuvenation and overall vitality.
  • Ellagic and gallic acid, and emblicanin—polyphenols that may help to reduce cellular oxidative stress, destroy free radicals and support the detoxification of the body.
  • Rutin, quercetin superoxide dismutase—substances that can contribute to amalaki's anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and youth-promoting qualities.
  • Ascorbagins—"mighty molecules" that are shown to create a protective bond around their own rich source of vitamin C molecules, making them more bio-available than synthetic varieties.

And to think that the amalaki is only one of the seven active ingredients in Zrii. The other six enhance the effectiveness of amalaki, and also contain incredible nutritive qualities themselves. For example, jujube is high in vitamin C, while ginger is a good source for magnesium and other trace minerals.

To order on line and find out more info go to:

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